Family Harmony,
Business Growth


Unique experience in conflict resolution in family businesses, combining a sustainable strategic approach, empathy and a proven track record of more than 30 years, to preserve legacies and harmony.

Specialization in Family Businesses

Francisco Santillán focuses exclusively on finding conflict solutions in family businesses. His specialized experience allows him to understand the unique dynamics and emotional challenges these companies face.

Sustainable Approach

It's not just about solving immediate problems, but creating long-term sustainable solutions. Francisco Santillán is committed to the need to preserve the family unit and the company's legacy through approaches that last throughout generations.

Empathic Counseling

Empathy is essential in resolving conflicts in family businesses. Francisco Santillán understands the emotions involved and provides strategic advice that builds lasting bridges in the relationship.

Fusion of Legacy and Modernity

Francisco Santillán unites traditional experience with modern vision. Their approach recognizes the importance of maintaining family traditions while adapting to the changing needs of business and society.

Confidentiality Guarantee

Privacy is essential in family matters. Francisco Santillán guarantees maximum confidentiality in all cases, creating a safe environment for the parties involved to address their issues.

Proven Track Record

With more than 30 years of successful experience, Francisco Santillán has demonstrated his ability to resolve conflicts and maintain harmony in family businesses in various sectors.

"Strengthening the Business Family for its continuity" is the motto of the Family Businesses Division of Santillán , which supports the organization of the Family Business system and the Business Succession process, manages conflicts arising at the crossroads of family and equity.